Welcome to my new site for updates on the Sparrow Falls Mystery series, upbeat reviews of clean books, and lots and lots of pretty pictures of cozy things like flowers…lovely old houses….tiny villages….cats….and more cats….in short, everything that a cozy mystery fan will enjoy – when she isn’t reading a novel, that is!  Now, my first puzzle to figure out is how to add TAGS to the list on the left so that you, genteel reader, may easily find any and all topics pertaining to similar blog posts, that I haven’t written yet because I’m just setting up this blog at this very minute, so let’s see, hmmm, let me scroll around a bit and get back to y’all on that.  And does this thing have emoticons????  😀

BTW, I searched the web, high and low, and chose WordPress for two reasons.  One, it has a great reputation, especially among writers and wordsmiths.  Two, I looked at the themes and thought this one was the prettiest theme I ever did see!  It really will make a lovely blog, don’t you agree?

More posts to come ….


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