body in libr
“BLIMEY! Wot’s that?!?!”

One hobby (or perhaps bad habit?) I have never outgrown is collecting old, out-of-print books, mostly paperbacks, because they tend to be the ones I can afford.  A dime for a great used book?  Count me in!  And now I have stumbled upon something that, at first, I believed would help me lose this obsession – but instead, alas, it has only added to my addiction.  The “something” is Pinterest, where I previously only surfed the pages of others, but have now jumped into the fray and begun posting my own collection of lovely paperback book covers.  My page is titled Marvelous Mystery Book Covers.  It features mainly vintage books or out-of-print Agatha Christies, which are my favorite used books to find.  I have stacks and stacks of them.  And yes, I have read them all at least once!  See even more book covers, and other items of interest such as pictures of my cats, on my new Instagram: donna.reads.and.writes


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