The new Sparrow Falls Mystery novel is here!


“I LOVED YOU the first time I saw you.  It feels like I have always loved you, as though even before my life began, I was meant to love only you.”  The handsome young man on bended knee clasped the woman’s hand tightly.  She gazed into his startlingly blue eyes, and sighed.  The romance of it all!

So begins the first chapter of the highly anticipated new novel by Donna McLean.  The Butterfly Caper: a sparrow falls mystery #4  is available now on Amazon and B&N!

Summer is drawing to a comfortable close in cozy Sparrow Falls, North Carolina, even while unnerving and mysterious thefts are taking place in small towns throughout the southeast. When a bold thief hits Addie’s wee carriage house – and dares to do so even in the middle of the day – senior sleuth Tilda MacArdan is determined to find the perpetrator of this rude and dastardly deed, with or without the help or approval of the local police force. Her efforts send her on a merry chase to find a painted butterfly in a golden frame, and lead her to some revealing discoveries about her own family’s surprising past.

Book #4 of the popular Sparrow Falls Mystery series is a lighthearted caper with a touch of romance that is sure to please readers far and wide.  In response to many requests from her readers, Donna McLean has written a delightful “mystery without a murder” that delivers equal elements of suspense, surprise and humor.

Please visit the BOOKS page for more information on this popular cozy mystery series.  Thank you, and happy reading!

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