Robert Burns day :)

val A Happy Robert Burns day to one and all! His beautiful poem A Red, Red Rose was the inspiration for my short story, A Sparrow Falls Valentine. Not a traditional whodunit this time, but instead, I chose to write about a mysterious local legend that had existed for decades within the tiny, closely-knit town of Sparrow Falls. It’s a bit of a departure from the other stories and novels in the series, but so far my readers have loved it.  I was especially moved by the review left by one loyal reader, who said,  “The author tackles some of the difficult phases of life that effect us. So much is packed in a short story. Yet I close the covers of these books with thought provoking feelings. Yes, I will be getting more of these books. They touch you.”  Thank you!  This is the reason writers write. 🙂

You can find A Sparrow Falls Valentine on Amazon and B&N, or get all four holiday short stories in the ebook or paperback book, A Sparrow Falls Holiday, on Amazon. The link will open in a new window.  Thank you, and happy reading!

SF Holiday ebay

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