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Donna, sparrow falls mystery series

Author of the Sparrow Falls Mystery series of cozy novels.
Reader and reviewer of good books and ebooks.
Blogger, mostly on classic mystery books & film (both modern & old),
with some occasional silliness thrown in.
Rescuer of wee animals (mainly cats).
Twitter-er - be sure to follow me there! @sparrowfallsmys
Please visit my Pinterest pages for Lovely Old Houses that inspired the Sparrow Falls Mystery series, and also Marvelous Mystery Book Covers.
New Youtube channel coming soon!
Thank you!

as you can probably see…

…I am currently trying to update and improve this website, lol!  Please visit again soon, I hope to have a nice, new, pretty site that my readers will enjoy, that will be easier for those of you who are looking for the paperbacks, and looking for updates on the current novels-in-progress.  At this time, I’m hoping that two new books will be published this year!  Yes, I have been a busy little writer.  Thank you for your patience!  Now where did all my photos go, hmmm, they must be around… Read more as you can probably see…