Easy Christmas cookies that look amazing!


Now this video is about 10 minutes long, but it includes a whole bunch of ideas to make the cutest Christmas cookies ever!  The ones I’ve tried so far have worked, and my cookies look so pretty!  From the Hungry Panda channel on Youtube. 🙂


Christmas recipes that are simple :)

Special desserts are part of the joy of the holiday season, and if you’re like me, simple desserts that taste delicious are best of all! I’ll be sharing some favorites that I hope you and your friends and family will also enjoy.  Here’s one from Ree Drummond, the Queen of simple and delicious everything.


Cookbook: Ms. Tilda’s Best Recipes


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Ms. Tilda’s Best Recipes: home cookin’ from sparrow falls recently received a very nice five star review on Amazon!  Thank you, genteel reader Lifegiggles!  This is such a treat for an author.

The cookbook is available now as an ebook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I designed it as an homage to the ones my grandmother and favorite aunts used, as they were fabulous cooks and gracious southern ladies – rather like Ms. Tilda.  And I also used those lovely old-fashioned cookbooks as inspiration for the one that Addie finds, and ultimately uses to solve a mystery, in the Sparrow Falls novel The Butterfly Caper.  These are from my personal collection of beloved recipes that have been passed down over many generations and to which I’ve added my own unique touch, and share them with you. Included here are delicious desserts such as Ms. Tilda’s Banana Pudding, Mississippi Mud Cake with Fudgy Frosting, and Carolina Honey Cake. No southern cook can be without a tasty and easy casserole recipe for the church supper, such as Okra Tomato Casserole and Seven Layer Supper Dish. Round it all out with some of Granny Maggie’s Southern Style Spoon Bread, and you’ll be ready for summer picnics and fancy dinners alike.  Enjoy, and happy cooking!

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