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Cozy Mystery Book Recommendations – February 2018 — The Cozy Mystery List Blog

February is almost over, so it’s time to talk about our favorite Cozy Mysteries that we read in the last month. If you read a Cozy mystery this month and want to recommend it to the rest of us, be sure to post it here! I haven’t had as much time to read this much… via Cozy Mystery Book Recommendations – February 2018 — The Cozy Mystery List Blog

as you can probably see…

…I am currently trying to update and improve this website, lol!  Please visit again soon, I hope to have a nice, new, pretty site that my readers will enjoy, that will be easier for those of you who are looking for the paperbacks, and looking for updates on the current novels-in-progress.  At this time, I’m hoping that two new books will be published this year!  Yes, I have been a busy little writer.  Thank you for your patience!  Now where did all my photos go, hmmm, they must be around… Read more as you can probably see…

SALE! 3 days only! #amazonprime

For a limited time, the ebook versions of  Tilda’s Best Recipes: home cookin’ from Sparrow Falls and A Distant Murder: sparrow falls mystery #1 are available for 99 cents each! And because many of my readers prefer to use Nook, I’ve also scheduled the sale on Barnes & Noble.  Thank you, and happy reading!  (And happy cooking too!) Links will open in a new window.