This sharing thing ~

Well, I found a lovely article about my current mostest favorite cozy mystery TV series, Death in Paradise, which I’ve shared below.  At least I hope so!  Alas, this techie thing trips me up more often than not, but I just wanted to share the blog post and let my genteel readers know that The Puzzle Doctor has a number of good articles about it on his blog, one that I recommend to anyone who loves a good mystery, whether book, film or telly.   Happy reading!


My apologies for the recent duplicate posts and general wonkiness on the blog.  I’ve been trying to spruce things up a bit and explore some of the lovely features of this new template, and not being much of a techie, it’s really all click and error for someone like me.  (Mostly error, LOL.)  But I hope you enjoy the wee quotes (a new feature I simply love!) and some of the other things I’ll be sharing soon.  Thank you, genteel readers, and happy reading!

Just Released!

Just released!  Loosely inspired by Nick and Nora of the Thin Man movies, Dame Detective: The Third Vic is a short story that introduces the characters for my new series.  But don’t worry, the next Sparrow Falls Mystery will be released in the autumn of 2020, with a Christmas themed novel to follow.  Lots of good things are on the horizon for cozy mystery fans!  You can buy The Third Vic today on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Thank you for reading my books and for waiting patiently for the new titles to be released.  I really, truly do appreciate each and every one of you.  Please remember to give stars and/or leave feedback wherever you buy books, mine and other authors as well.  We appreciate it very much.  Happy reading!

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