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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens . . . these are a few of my favorite links.  🙂

Disclaimer:  These are places I think the genteel reader will enjoy visiting as much as I do.  Sites are not affiliated with this blog and I receive no compensation from, or endorsement for, recommending them.

Links will open in a new window. is THE definitive fan-run site for cozy mysteries!  There you will find cozies categorized by themes and authors, blog posts on subjects cozy fans can appreciate, and even participate in discussions with other cozy readers.  Check out the cozy-mystery homepage for themes and an alphabetized list of authors (I’m honored to be included, here!) and don’t forget to visit the cozy-mystery blog for a warm, inviting welcome. is a fan-run website for the ABC-TV mystery/romance/dramedy  Castle.  It’s the first place I look for updates on the series, fun forums and fabulous fan-produced content.

The Happy Holiblog is a great place to view, any day of the year!  It is completely family-friendly and posts items of interest to all ages, from baby boomers who love those 1960’s TV classics all the way to current movies on the Hallmark Channel.  Toss in a few holiday themed recipes, and you’ve got a wonderful site!

The Plot Thickens is a delightful website featuring writers (mostly cozy) and their gardens.

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist… is exactly what it claims to be.  😉  Visit this site by author Margot Kinberg for fascinating insights and fun posts.

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