This sharing thing ~

Well, I found a lovely article about my current mostest favorite cozy mystery TV series, Death in Paradise, which I’ve shared below.  At least I hope so!  Alas, this techie thing trips me up more often than not, but I just wanted to share the blog post and let my genteel readers know that The Puzzle Doctor has a number of good articles about it on his blog, one that I recommend to anyone who loves a good mystery, whether book, film or telly.   Happy reading!


My apologies for the recent duplicate posts and general wonkiness on the blog.  I’ve been trying to spruce things up a bit and explore some of the lovely features of this new template, and not being much of a techie, it’s really all click and error for someone like me.  (Mostly error, LOL.)  But I hope you enjoy the wee quotes (a new feature I simply love!) and some of the other things I’ll be sharing soon.  Thank you, genteel readers, and happy reading!