Those Marvelous Mystery Book Covers!

body in libr
“BLIMEY! Wot’s that?!?!”

One hobby (or perhaps bad habit?) I have never outgrown is collecting old, out-of-print books, mostly paperbacks, because they tend to be the ones I can afford.  A dime for a great used book?  Count me in!  Shopping Indie bookstores, thrift shops, antique malls, sometimes seeking out and finding out-of-print titles is an adventure in itself, and one that adds to the sweetness of the treasures found. And now I have stumbled upon something that, at first, I believed would help me lose this obsession – but instead, alas, it has only added to my addiction.  The “something” is Pinterest, where I previously only surfed the pages of others, but have now jumped into the fray and begun posting my own collection of lovely paperback book covers, as well as the ones I hope to someday add to my ever-growing collection.  My page is titled Marvelous Mystery Book Covers.  It features mainly vintage books or out-of-print Agatha Christies, which are my favorite used books to find.  I have stacks and stacks of them.  And yes, I have read them all at least once, and many over and over again. ~